Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two very unfinished pieces.

I try to spend an entire day in silence but you won’t stop telling me the story about how fragile we are. You won’t stop reciting the poems and singing the songs. You even hum into my ear. You strum your guitar and I finally fling my arms around your neck and pull you into the hallway and into the light. There is a window. There is a window that you stand in front of and become illuminated like the angels. There is an apple orchard and here we are inside the music and there we are again skating across Swan Lake on Christmas morning. And over there is where our story is told and over here is where we stay inside, nice and warm....


I am eight years old and it’s time to go to sleep. The champagne glasses are clinking downstairs in the living room. I can hear them very well but I don’t know if I’m dreaming them up or if it’s really happening. They sound like stars. Grandma is rocking slowly in the old oak rocking chair. She reminds me of the sea and the frosted tips of waves gliding over my feet. She is the safe haven where my childhood is preserved. She is the one who tells me stories and reassures me that, no matter how many times I stain the carpet with grape juice, my family will always love me. Outside the crickets are singing lullabies in the shadows of the thickets. Outside the crickets are dancing the waltz with the fireflies. The night feels infinite and warm. I don’t need a blanket but I keep it tucked under my chin because it feels like an extra pair of arms hugging me, like the entire world is embracing me, telling me that this is where I belong and this is where I will find love. The clinking, fizzing, bubbling and popping of the champagne has faded. Half of where I am is filled with spelling bees, bicycle trips to the ice cream shop and Saturday morning cartoons. But soon all of me will be where the other half is....


  1. The imagery is well-done in both pieces. I liked the movement with the pieces of the couple's story and I could almost see your Grandmother. I hope you continue the pieces. I look forward to another episode of the story. ~LisaB

  2. nice... like it...