Wednesday, July 01, 2009

To whoever is reading this blog.

I will start writing again soon, I promise. I just need some inspiration or something and don't want to force it :)


  1. Inspiration is over rated. I can't remember the last time I had it. No wait...I remember, it was June 1st 1993, at 1:32 p.m EST. I think I'm due.

  2. Take your time, it'll come to you.


  3. haha, is that really the last time you had it?

    and thanks william :)

  4. Inspiration, motivation, looking for the impulse to write. Take out your favorite photograph, think of your favorite place to visit, your saddest emotion. One sentence will lead to two, this is my secret. Good luck, hope to see a new posting show up on my website blogroll soon.


  5. maybe youll have something to write about when you come back from alaska!

  6. Alaska is white. White bears live in Alaska.

    One or more of the above is false.


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  8. I'd say go ahead and force it. If nothing else when you just keep on writing it's practice. Even you throw away 90% of what you write at least you're honing your chops and getting into a habit. But then again it may depend on whether you want to write as a hobby or for a living. If you are strictly doing it for your own amusement or whatever, then wait for inspiration-- you're not in any hurry. But if you want to make a living at it push it-- write, rewrite, and write again. Put projects aside until you're ready to go back to them again. Or use an idea that has dead-ended for you and assimilate it as a part of something else later. Or just plain out trash it when you realize it's no good. It's your product and you need to take pride in it and be concerned about the satisfaction of your customers.
    If it's a job, then you treat like a job-- you get up whether you want to or not, be professional, and do the work you need to do. If it's your love, then treat it gently, don't be overly critical, take time apart if you need your own time- sleep late, have brunch with
    champagne, and spend the afternoon in the park with your "love".

    Good luck! And come visit my blog sometime.